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Hall Bathroom Update!

When life is rough (and it is rough these days) I like to drown my sorrows in before and after too?! Good. You're in the right place. Cause HOT DANG, who doesn't love a good b&a? (Is that a thing? "b&a"? Ya know, before & after? I believe it is not...I'll stop now.)

Let's get spiritual for a sec, shall we? A before pic always screams to me, "I HAVE POTENTIAL!!" and the after pic reminds me that the right person can change everything about what it used to be. Man, isn't that what Jesus does for those that ask? He takes our 'before' and gives us His 'after'. Thank you, Lord.


There she is. Isn't she a beaut? Here's what she used to look like...


Peachy-pink tile, flooring, toilet and sink. ALL OF IT. And not only that but the fern wallpaper actually had several pieces meticulously papered to the ceiling. Amazing. We bought our home of its original owner so everything in this bathroom was also OG.

Just take it all in. The light, the mirror. All of it.

Was there a perfectly matching shower curtain? Yes, yes there was. There was also a "window" into the master bath that had to go, pronto. The mirror in the master bath was so low that Josh couldn't even see into it because of this little "window" on the other side.

(Spot the ceiling ferns?!)


(Note: when Indiana Josh, Uncle Nice Guy Frank and I got our hands on this bathroom I already had a plumber replace the plumbing as well as the toilet - issue during inspection. Our contractor took out the "window" when he gutted the master bath - hallelujah. Josh's cousin/electrician took care of the wiring of the new light, weird/dangerous vent fan removal and adding an outlet...there weren't any - thank you, Sean!)

1-Make a design board :) (below) I just use Microsoft Word, it's free and it gets the job done. I'm not fancy.

2-Hire a company to spray the tub and tile surround white (I would have LOVED to say, "This is the company we used _________, hire them, they were amazing!" Their work was good, their follow-up? D+ ...the plus is generous.) I have used Rustoleum's tub and tile kit in the past, both for a tub/tile surround and a single shower. It was a TON of work. It looked good, but I knew it would not hold up in my kiddos' bathroom.

3-Cover up the existing tile with bead board (we did not demo any of the tile, only knocked down the pieces that were sticking out - towel bar, soap dish etc).

4-Reuse extra flooring from our last house! We covered up the existing tile (again, no demo) with a floating floor of vinyl plank. We had two boxes left and it was the perfect amount #score.

5 - Replace vanity with this bad boy.

6-New light fixture and mirror from Amazon.

7 - Reuse shower curtain and bath mat that I already had.

8 - Use hooks for towels! Hooks are a life-safer if you have kids and don't want towels on the floor. They each have a hook! And so does Mr. Handtowel. HOOKS ARE THE NEW RACK/BAR. Do it. You won't be disappointed.

9 - Get something for the TP! :) (Note: I don't love this one, sorry Jo. The TP constantly slips off. I just ordered this one from Amazon to help with that.)

10 - Hanging planter! (This is a two pack!) I love real plants, but this bathroom would be a morgue for real plants, so fake it is! IKEA has the best fake plants.


Nice Guy Frank and Indiana Josh were a #dreamteam and I would absolutely hire them again because I paid them with Chipotle.

I wanted the bead board to look more modern so I had the fellas hang it horizontally (which also meant we only needed two sheets. SCORE). And I painted it black to help with the modern feel and cause well, I still have a ton of black paint leftover. Sorry, design board. Only $40 for the bead board!

I neglected to show Indiana Josh the mirror I had purchased while he was meticulously hanging the it's too high because it (obviously) doesn't lay flat with the it needs to be "figured out". #mybad This is where I would insert the cringing emoji. It's my go-to.

I am crazy functional when it comes to design. I think design can (and should!) be beautiful AND functional. So that little basket has the extra TP for the peeps who need more squares. And that beautiful vanity holds everything else!

We kept the medicine cabinet because it's practical, it holds all the medicine...thus the name of the cabinet. Also, I don't want it in the drawers where Mathis can grab it.

The drawers came with the dividers! As I was putting it together I could have just wept. #IloveIKEA

Note: From #dreamteam - Standard plumbing pipe diameter is 1.25", IKEA'S was 1.5". This will save you an extra trip to Home Depot, you're welcome.

The printables are free ones I found on Pinterest. I just type in "free printables" that's it, that's the whole story. Kid bathrooms don't have to look like a kid designed it (ahem, mermaid theme, I'm looking in your direction... :). Plants and art...two of the best ways to make a space look awesomesauce.

I didn't want the heater to be an eye sore so I painted it black to match the bead board (I have to go back and paint the inside as well because it's noticeable now). I didn't want to paint the whole thing since the white tile is above a small portion so I just tricked the eye and left that part white...CLEVER, I AM.

Do I already have ideas about MAYBE adding wallpaper? OF COURSE I DO. I am so happy with how it all turned out though. Shout out to Uncle Frank and Indiana Josh for helping the vision come alive. #therealMVPS

Hugs and Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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