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How my clients (and my mom) feel about me

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Hiring Bethany was the easiest and best decision in all my project endeavors. I’m 100% confident you will absolutely love working with her because she’s just that great. Of course she has an eye for design, but if you have ideas she’ll work with those too. If you have zero clue and throw your hands up, she will create amazing and dreamy idea boards and you’ll love all of it and won’t be able to choose which design/layout because they’re all fantastic. We’re a busy family of 7 {toddlers - teenagers} with little time for extra home projects or updates. Bethany makes it as easy as possible, with clickable links to products in the design board, and step by step tutorials if needed. She always stirs up confidence within myself to tackle the project and is just pure joy to work with! Before you finish the project you hired her for, you’ll be thinking of other areas that need Bethany!

Traci Andresen
E-Design Package - Virtual Client

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I just knew I wanted a change but I didn't know what or where to start.  So I picked the room I am in the most- the kitchen!  I just wanted Bethany to tell me what to do.  But she helped me decide what I wanted to do!  In her very unassuming and easy going way, she pulled ideas out of me that I didn't know I had, and then with great excitement brilliantly complemented them with her vast experience and fresh ideas.  She helped me with the bigger picture of tying the space into the rest of my house all the way down to the littlest of details of efficiency and cost savings.  Her design boards were so impressive and easy to use- linking everything for easy ordering as well as tutorials for painting and creating.  Bethany has an amazing eye and gift for design but she is also so fun to work with. Her energy and excitement for creating a space you love is contagious.  Her priority is clearly listening to, eliciting, and creating what each client hopes for and wants and then fitting that into your budget and ability.  Also, if you have a rough idea of something you're looking for, Bethany will HUNT IT DOWN.  Bethany saved me months (possibly years!) of continuing to deliberate what to do, and she also saved me a ton of money by showing me I didn't need to start all over.  And I love how it turned out!  I highly recommend Bethany's services to all my family and friends who are contemplating any sort of house renovation or just a re-fresh!  You will not regret it. 

Kristin Burleigh
E-Design Package

We bought an out of date house (with tons of wallpaper!) and intended to redo a lot in the house.  We have the ability to paint, replace flooring, and even do some wiring – but where we completely stall out is choosing colors, envisioning new ways to use space, and making plans for coherent design.  Doing the work for remodeling and redecorating is not a big deal, but having a confident vision is difficult which leaves us micromanaging every decision and not getting anything done.


Bethany was a life saver giving us the vision to complete our den remodel after we had been stalled out for 18 months.  Bethany’s design board gave us some clear vision to rethink the space as a dining room, broke out the steps necessary to get there, and gave us a bottom line budget so that each purchase was not a difficult decision.  Bethany took the time to meet with us, understand our styles, and has been helpful through the whole process.


We are looking forward to working with Bethany soon to have her help us plan our living room and maybe a school room!  Having her eye for design and her detailed design boards have made our lives so much easier!

Josh + Emily Brown
E-Design Package - Virtual Clients


When Bethany was a little girl, she had three big vocational dream. A sales clerk at the Bon-Ton. A babysitter. An interior decorator. Well, the Bon-Ton department store has closed without ever having the benefits of Bethany’s fashion flair, but she certainly has become a “babysitter”after birthing four children in less than seven years. And with the launching of her small business, she has, indeed, become an interior decorator.

Bethany and my decorating tastes are pretty much polar opposites. Most of the stuff in my home is at least a hundred years old (even my husband is three-quarters of the way there!) But she and I agree that we have similar ideas about colors, shapes and wall groupings. My mother was a professional artist and from her we inherited the “decorating gene.”

Thanks for stopping by Crummy Designs. I know you’ll enjoy Bethany’s humor, honesty and amazing design expertise. And maybe you’ll even hire her and help make a little girl’s dream come true.

Lynn Eib
Bethany's actual mother


I hired Bethany to help stage my home to sell. She did such a fantastic job, we had a bidding war and the buyers wanted all of my furniture — and asked for her design boards with the sale of the house. Hiring Bethany was one of the best investments I’ve ever made.

Jess Powell
Room Refresh Package

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