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My Crummy Story

Bethany Crum is the name, designing is the new game.

Likes: IKEA, Wallpaper, Aldi, Brownies, Color, Plants that tell me when they're thirsty, Balanced Lighting, Before + After Pics (mostly the AFTER) and...IKEA.

Dislikes: DIY, Shutters and Painting Trim. All of the trim. Always.

When my family and I moved from Indiana back home to PA in March 2020 we bought a 50's split level fixer-upper in Chester County. So I thought it would be fun to chronicle my house/design adventures on Instagram.

Enter: Crummy Castle.


Act 1: We spent 18 months designing, renovating, hiring, fixing, painting, re-painting and decorating our beloved castle.

Act 2: People started reaching out to me to ask for my help designing rooms in their homes. Me. Moi. ME.  


Intermission: (me blacking out)


Act 3: (When I got up from the floor after the black out...)

I started doing interior design for friends and clients, and well...Crummy Designs was born (didn't even need the epidural).


Is this a dream come true for me? (Thanks so much for asking.)

Yes, yes, a thousand times, YES.

I love designing beautiful, functional, budget friendly spaces that people actually LIVE in...which, I suppose, is good...because we just MOVED AND I HAVE TO DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN. 

Act 4: Currently updating and redesigning our 70's 2-story colonial in another Philly 'burb - Crummy Castle 2.0 - and still chronicling the adventures on the 'gram.

I also dabble in motherhood (four Crumquats) and wifery (just one tall drink of water).

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