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Renter-Friendly Part 2! (Entryway)

I'm back, baby, AS PROMISED. We are back at Lisa's to unveil her entryway (please hold your applause...CAUSE THIS IS A GOOD ONE, FRIENDS). If you don't know who Lisa is and why I'm doing a little renter-friendly design series you can catch up here . (I'll wait...)

All caught up? FANTASTIC.

One thing that Lisa and her fam needed was a spot for coats, backpacks, bags etc to land when they walked in the door. (Have I mentioned that I love an entryway lately? CAUSE I LOVE AN ENTRYWAY.) So the way we could create an entryway/mudroom type space for them was by switching a few things around:


Once I swapped the TV and couch we created a small "hallway" when you first walk in the door. Now I could use a whole wall for an entryway area. AWESOME TO THE MAX.

Hi. I'm a hallway.

And that blank wall now becomes the perfect spot to hang up all their....everything.


I love a good design board almost as much as I love an entryway...ALMOST.

I wanted their little ladies to have a spot where they could hang up their own coats and bags. And I wanted Lisa and Rob to be able to hang up their stuff, plus have some room for guests. Also, can entryway benches/seats/stools just be a mandatory thing in all homes? They can? GREAT. Everyone needs a spot to sit and put shoes on, put their purse down...WE JUST DO. I spotted this bench at IKEA and knew it needed to live here. The baskets ended up being a bust so we are still on the hunt for others. (Aldi often has baskets - I have a lot of them😬 - so I am hoping Aldi Finds comes through for us.) If not, we will go with something like this, but less expensive to fit the budget. The hooks are also from IKEA but they were out of stock...AND WE ARE IMPATIENT, FRIENDS. So Lisa snagged these instead. (I also love these.) And the hanging baskets are perfect for gloves/hats in the winter and sunglasses/sunscreen in the summer. Or they can use one for clean masks and one for dirty masks #thatcovidlife


I had been wanting to try stenciling for a while and I already had this stencil...SO I WENT FOR IT. This would have been a perfect wall to paper but we REALLY wanted to stretch the budget and doing a stencil saved us a few bucks.


Just a big ol' blank wall waiting for me.

After I took this pic I painted the wall white, Falling Snow by Behr, and then

I attacked it with the stencil. Lisa has never liked the chair rail around the room so the plan is to paint it white as well, to help it blend in and be less of an eye sore.

Ready to see how she turned out?



Ooooooooh, doggie. I just like her so much.

I hung the hooks up SLIGHTLY higher than "normal" so they could use the bench easily and not have coats and bags hanging too low. Lisa has to go up on her tippy-toes😬 #sorryfriend

I cannot wait to finish painting and show you the living room. Stay tuned.


Hugs and Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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