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Home Office Reveal!

Remember when people used to leave their houses and go to work? Me neither. But APPARENTLY it used to be a thing.

Our home office is the other room in our house that got a big makeover. First one was the master bath #gutjob) Quick recap - we bought our home from the ORIGINAL owner 😲 and while it was in good shape, it needed to be updated/fixed throughout.)

This room was a very large, unfinished laundry room. (No finished ceiling.) And the floor was asbestos tile. We kept the asbestos, OBVIOUSLY. (WHO DOESN'T LOVE ASBESTOS?) And fixed everything else.

Ready for the before? You're not. Trust me. BUT IT'S HAPPENING NONE-THE-LESS.

THE BEFORES (totally will be my band's name some day... COUNT ON IT.)


We came up with the plan that gave us a large office and small enclosed laundry room. And our contractor got busy gettin' 'er done. (I was about to ask our plumber if he could move the washer and dryer to the basement, which would have been a more expensive fix, when my sister suggested I ask if this layout would work instead. GOOD JOB, LINDSEY😏) This was a large room that was being wasted so making it functional was key, my friends.

Lots o' doors in here! Door the family room? CHECK. Door to the garage? CHECK. Door to the backyard? CHECK. AND we were about to add yet another door to the new laundry room. (But I had a plan...FEAR NOT😬.)


New door and wall for the new laundry room! (We even saved money by keeping the existing dryer hook-up too #holler.) This was the new, beautiful ceiling that helped me realize that me having to sand it was even worse than me having to paint it 😬.'ve waited long enough.

Let's get the AFTER pics, shall we?

You're just so patient.


I applaud you.


PAINT. I love paint. ALMOST AS MUCH AS I LOVE WALLPAPER. I knew with four doors in this room that I wanted to sort of make them "blend in" so I painted it all! Color is Weathering Copper by Sherwin Williams. I always envisioned this room painted 3/4 of the way up the wall with that color and then the top 1/4 white. I wanted it to feel a little bit taller since the ceilings are low down here. Gosh, I just love her. Let's look around a bit, shall we?

Painted doors. (Garage door on left, door to fam room on right.) HOW I LOVE THEE. Also, Josh loves sneakers and street art. They are repped hard in this space.

We actually created two walls using three Billy bookcases from IKEA. We needed storage space behind all of Josh's books. I know this makes the room smaller, but it functions perfectly for what we need right now. And since nothing is permanent we can easily move things around if our needs change.

Oh, and handsome Indiana Josh MADE THAT DESK. (I call him Indiana Josh because before we lived in IN - last three years - he never bought/used/cared about/talked to power tools. And now he's a wood worker...WHO KNEW?!) He would say something like this though, "I had a ton of help. If you asked me to go in my garage right now and make you one, it would not happen." BUT IT'S STILL AWESOME, and he's made lots of other pieces which are very cool and just chillin' around our house. (The white thing on the wall is mini split for A/C.)

That basket catches all the kid's clothes from our laundry chute in the hall upstairs #winning.

Oh, and full disclosure. THAT is Josh's actual desk chair. The white chair is the desk chair from my kitchen desk 😬. But I could not photograph his. I JUST COULDN'T. It's like a REAL desk chair. No bueno. Is his more comfortable? Sure. Is it more practical? You betcha. But I prefer beautiful, hard, plastic..thank you very much.

Crisp lines for daaaaaaaaaaays. Frog tape is all I will ever use, ever ever ever. I used blue tape in here with the first line (now, keep in mind I did not prime...big mistake on these walls, BUT I AM A CHANGED WOMAN NOW) the blue tape pulled up badly. See Office Highlights in my insta stories for evidence of my terrible prep, COMBINED with blue tape. Not a good combo.

A couple side-by-sides and then we're out of here...

Guys...ceilings are ALL THE RAGE THESE DAYS. Get you one!

Sure do miss that floor...

Paint is your friend, my friends. Paint doors, paint trim. GET CRAZY.

Thanks for being here. You're awesome.

Hugs & Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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Mar 18, 2021

And you forgot to mention the extra special space you created for storing treasures! Great job on the paint fix. What an amazing job you did in that space, Bethany!

Mar 18, 2021
Replying to

I mentioned it 😉. But only the truly in-the-know people REALLY know what's in there 😏

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