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3-year-old client. What can go wrong?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

I pulled off a mini bedroom makeover for my three year old today. It wasn't pretty (the getting there part) but it sure the heck is pretty now. Basically the goal was this - make his room go from nursery chic to three-year-old awesome. Also, he was climbing out of his crib, so.... IT WAS TIME.

The Client: The Little Man

Room: His bedroom

Goals: Kick it up a notch. Give him a bed he doesn't have to climb out of. Surprise him.

Obstacles: It's very possible he will cry during the reveal; he has no budget; he has to somehow be occupied while I do this.

Likes: Saying no. Running. Eating. Drinking milk. Drawing on anything but paper. Me. Climbing. Bear. Books. Asking for me.

Dislikes: Being told no.

Here's his nursery before. And it was great. But it was a nursery. And he just turned three. So it was time. I'm not a dweller either, "Oh, no, he's my last baby! My last nursery!" Not me. Not usually how I roll. Pull that bandaid off, man! Plus I was super stoked to try and pull this off in about 1.5 hours.

BEFORE - When we first moved in.

BEFORE - Nursery, baby!

And here's what it looks like now!

The toddler bed was a hand-me-down from his older sisters and I just painted it black to update it. (I left a small ring around each leg of the OG wood color just to mix it up a little bit.)

All of the artwork I put in here was stuff we already owned that hadn't found a spot in our new home yet. (Mostly collected pieces from Josh!)

I had everything for this room already in my house; all of it (fist bump)! In nursery mode I had just one of the IKEA rugs in here and decided to add the other one we had to make it look like one large rug. I highly recommend this for smaller rooms! Especially because it can be a huge cost saver. One rug is only $25! #holler (But a black rug is a vacuum-a-day kind of rug...insert the cringing emoji...) Only items I bought new were the IKEA photo ledges that I used to make a book nook :). So we are at $26 for the room. Boom.

I used wallpaper I already had for the vintage electronics print above little man's dresser and put it in one of the frames that was above his crib before. (I used that peel and stick in my oldest son's last room as a whole accent wall. I scoured the Target interwebs to find it again but it's no longer available. Boo.)

I ordered that little black sconce from Amazon and it gets here later this week (yes, I did photoshop it in that pic to see what it would look like cause I'm that excited...why do you ask?) I will use the magic light trick for this sconce too!

The little man will also be getting this play wall shelf for Christmas! (Did I want to put it up already? Yes, yes I did. But I held off, like the mature adult I am.... #photoshop)

So, that's it! My goal was keep play/book areas low for him and put pieces in that will grow with him. Even some of the art is lower and more at his level. We can swap out the rocker for a kids chair or desk in the future, but for now that's where we read and snuggle in every day.

Client's verdict? HE LOVED IT. #phew I was prepared for a meltdown when he saw the missing crib but he handled it like a champ. I got the whole thing on video (check IG for the video reveal). It was super cute. He was happy. I was sweaty. Win-win?!

Do I already have other ideas for some fun stuff I could do in here? You betcha. Cause that's how I do.

Till we meet again, my friends.

Hugs & Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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