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Let's do this thing

So...apparently blogging ISN'T dead. Who knew? Am I late to the game? Perhaps. Am I glad to be here. YOU BETCHA. I love me some design. I can't say I'm an avid DIY-er. I mean, I hang all the shelves, paint all the walls and smooth out all the wallpaper...but I have never made anything WITH MY BARE HANDS. (Enter Indiana Josh) Who is Indiana Josh? He's my tall drink-of-water husband. Is he from Indiana. Nope. When we visited the mid-west (for three years:) we had our first garage. So Josh borrowed tools. Because he And he just started making stuff. He started with a headboard and honestly just didn't stop. Even when I wanted him to. (He made a small bball hoop for our 2 year old a couple weeks before we moved... NO. Stop.the.madness.) ANYWAY...I have him, so we will see what we can figure this out together. He likes to prep. I like to finish and make it look pretty. We sound like an incredible team. 'Tis not always the case. BUT #letsdothis and #figureitoutaswego

We are updating our 1950's split level and we had a contractor friend do a bunch of work before we moved in this summer. So now it's just us, figuring out the rest. It's like that moment when you have your first baby and the nurses come in one morning and tell you it's time to go home. And you're like..."Ummmm, exsqueeze me? WITH THE BABY?! ARE YOU COMING?!" No, no they aren't. Thankfully we don't have to dabble in plumbing or electrical, or wall-tearing down etc...that's all been done. We just have to finish a bunch of bathrooms, paint way too much and make it all look awesome...cause (no offense to the previous sweet old-lady homeowner) but it didn't really before.

Josh's first-ever project. Our headboard.

Thanks for following along.

Hugs & Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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