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E-Design(?!) Five reasons why I'm writing this post...

  1. When I was little I wanted to have three jobs when I grew up: A hair dresser, work at the Bon-Ton (look it up, it's a department store in a mall...I HAD BIG DREAMS, PEOPLE), and an interior designer.

  2. I lay in bed at night (Queen's Gambit style...) and move furniture around in my head till I figure out the best layout for a room (either a room that I have seen that needs help, or just a room in my house that I want to rearrange). I do this because I like it. I LIKE IT.

  3. I have too many design ideas for my own brain to handle, and way too many for my house...I need more houses, OBVIOUSLY.

  4. I'm fairly... very... ok, weirdly spatially aware. (Huh? Tell me more, Bethany...) OK, I'm good at figuring out which tupperware container is that right one for leftovers and I can load the heck out of a dishwasher. CALL ME, IMMEDIATELY. Basically I'm pretty good at figuring out how a room should fit together.

  5. I love design so much. I love, love, love figuring out how to make a space functional AND beautiful without spending an absurd amount of money.

So, here it is friends. Here's the deal...I would love to offer my design help in your home! Yes, YOU. HOW LUCKY ARE YOU? 😬 I offer E-Design for rooms and small spaces in your home. Let's talk details, friends:

E-Design for a room in your home includes the following:

  • In-person (or virtual) consult to get measurements of the space and to ask questions about design preferences, functional needs, what's working/not working etc.

  • All of my ideas for the room.

  • Layout for the room.

  • E-Design board with all of the ideas/options laid out (everything from plants to paint colors!).

  • List of all resources linked in a spreadsheet.

  • Budget for all items.

Here's an example of a design board I did for a client who wanted help with turning a game room into a family room/gaming room:

This was such a good challenge for me! This room is long but not wide, has four doors, three low windows and is also a hallway to the back part of the home.

My niche is definitely budget-friendly design. Listen, I was raised by a woman who only purchased something if she had a coupon...YOU GET IT.

I love making a room functional. Otherwise what's the point? But I think functional can and should always be beautiful! In this room, for example, I suggested running a piece of wood at table height around 3/4 of the perimeter of the room (under the tv and even crossing windows!) to give room for desk space, snacks and room underneath to tuck in extra seating (think pouffes/ottomans). This room is too small for a coffee table and a lot of extra seating but this solution provides room for both of those things. Plus it will look awesome.

I couldn't find a picture of exactly what was in my head for the

wrap-around wall table/desk/shelf 😬 but this pic gives you an idea at least!

I try to think about every wall, every nook, every cranny in a room so a design board is totally complete. In this room I suggested adding game controller hooks above the TV console as well as retro Atari art on the walls so it fits in with the function/design of the room and looks good too. #winwin

My client loves to DIY, paint etc and already had a few ideas for the space, she just needed help figuring out the design/functionality for the room. I absolutely loved working with her! If you love to DIY but just need direction then I would love to put together an E-Design for you! If you DON'T love to DIY and would like more help, I'm you're girl...😏 (Non-DIYers, ASSEMBLE! 😬)

I also offer a design package that can include some or all of the following:

  • Purchasing items for the space.

  • Painting and/or wallpapering.

  • Styling the room! #getitgirl

So, if you're interested in my help beyond E-Design, just holler at a girl.

Becoming my client gives you access to MOI while you're putting the space together too. Dream come true?! 😬🤞🏻 My client's husband didn't love the locker idea for the entryway so I threw a couple other ideas together with a few notes (that would still hide all the sports equipment, soccer balls and lacrosse sticks that the lockers would have housed):

This was all included in my E-Design package. Bada boom, bada bing.

Because rooms vary so much, please contact me for pricing at or comment on this post, or text me, or send me a postcard. My designs and I are budget friendly, though😏🙌🏻.

OK, that's it! Please don't forget what I said about tupperware...I AM A REAL HERO.

Hugs & Kisses,

Best Friends Forever,

Never Change,


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